Bella’s 15th Birthday Portraits!

🎉🐾 Celebrating Bella’s Golden Birthday! 🐾🎉

On April 15th my best friend turned 15 years old and celebrated her golden birthday! 🎂👑 Bella was gifted to me on my own golden birthday as a teeny tiny puppy by one of my best friends, Aleah. Best birthday gift EVER. From the moment Bella came into my life, she’s been my constant companion and my source of boundless love. She is one of the best parts of every single day and I couldn’t resist doing a birthday portrait session of her!

Dressed in a birthday crown, a sparkly necklace, and a tutu she hammed it up for the photos as she always does, and it brought my heart so much joy. We also bought a little doggie birthday cake from Sweet Heart Farms to make her picture session even more fun! These pictures are not just about celebrating her milestone but also cherishing the countless memories we’ve shared over the years. Grateful for every single day I have with this tiny 9lbs Jack Russell Terrier! 🥳

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