Family Farming and National Farmers Day

Today is National Farmer’s Day. Farming is a worldwide essential profession consisting of a whole LOT of hard work, both physical and mental, that never ends. As a daughter of a farming family, I’ve seen firsthand the sacrifices that farmers and their families make to fulfill their duties in this lifestyle and career. It’s not for the faint of heart. But I’ve also seen that running a farm is a labor of great love and pride. One that teaches valuable life lessons, the meaning of hard work, and a deep appreciation for the land and the outdoors.

A couple weeks ago I visited my family and friends in my hometown and stomping grounds of Southeast Nebraska. While there I had the opportunity to photograph my stepfather Bruce Rogers & his friend/farming partner Jerry Fudge harvesting the soybean crop. In celebration of National Farmer’s Day, please enjoy these photographs of two of our nation’s finest in action and if you see a farmer today, THANK THEM!

Bruce Rogers harvesting soybeans in Ashland, Nebraska
Arnie Rogers and Jack Fudge waiting by the grain truck
Bruce Rogers harvesting soybeans in Ashland, Nebraska
Jerry Fudge and his Case International combine
Jerry Fudge harvesting soybeans in Ashland, Nebraska
2022 soybean crop in Ashland, Nebraska

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